‘A glint of gold caught his eye. A putrefying hand extended from the sleeve of a checked shirt; its little finger adorned by the smooth curve of a signet ring.’

It is October 1923. What looks like a routine report, on the heavy rains battering Melbourne, becomes another case of murder for The Argus’s celebrated crime reporter, Reggie da Costa, devotee of fashionable suits and flamboyant automobiles. A flooded basement hides a ghastly secret: the decomposing remains of Cornelius Stout, a wealthy widower, who has been missing for over two years. With an unlikely partner in straitlaced Dotty Wright, Reggie pursues a cold-blooded, manipulative killer with deadly intentions.

On its first day of publication, DEADLY INTENT rated Number 18 on Amazon.com.au in Historical Mysteries (kindle).

Available at: Beaumaris Books (Australia), Thesaurus Booksellers (Brighton, Australia), Amazon.com,
Amazon.com.au, Amazon.co.uk and other good bookshops.

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