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‘This story was fantastic. It was a quick read with great pacing and I loved the in depth backgrounds that each character has. There is also an underlying theme of how largely mistreated mental illness was back then … One question [was] asked “Can someone be born evil?” As a lover of true crime and stories like those, this is something I have often pondered and honestly I have no answer. This appears to be this author’s debut novel and I have to say that I am most definitely excited to see more from her. This is an impressive story and a great read!’ Good Reads reviewer

‘So, it is small wonder that I really, really enjoyed this book. A tense plot, a great variety of characters, excellent prose, learning about phrenology and mental treatments as well as bonus ruminations about the public’s (and my own) attitude towards unusual behaviours that will keep me busy for a while. This is an impressive debut novel of an author I am sure to read again.’ Netgalley reviewer

Death is just a close shave away.

It is February 1918.

Somewhere in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, the Death Mask Murderer is lurking, engaged in a ritualistic killing spree: shaving the heads of young women, strangling them and creating a gruesome memento of each in the form of a death mask.

As a wild storm batters Brighton, Emma Hart, an aspiring artist, and Max Rushforth, a shell-shocked ex-soldier, take refuge in the cellar of a derelict mansion, the killer’s lair and home to his sinister collection of plaster casts. With Max in the spotlight of the police investigation, Emma calls on the expertise of crime reporter, Reggie da Costa, and Dr Silas Bacon, an expert in death masks, to prove his innocence, unaware that she, too, is in the killer’s sights.

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